Case Studies

MEET 6 YEAR OLD ELLEN, she is in the first grade of an English speak King school in Israel. From an early age she has used the sound-substitution /w/ for /r/ in all word positions. She was also a child who was reluctant to give up her pacifier and bottle, and a result of this is "forward tongue"...


MEET SIMA, she came to me a few months ago. She had had dental work done in her mouth to repair her gums around her front teething. The side affect for this was she didn't like how her /s/ ,/sh/,/ch/ and /z/ sounds-sounded. To her they sounded messy and ...


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MEET Moshe, he is in the second grade in an Israeli school near his home. His birth was normal and developmental milestones were normal. However when he was two he began to get ear infections. This affected his ability to understand language, both in Hebrew and English, his mother tongue. He has had several sets of ...


MEET Seth, he is a 20 year old college student who started speech therapy due to his lifelong battle with stuttering. He had been in therapy individually and in group sessions as a teenager, with little success. In the college setting, a new place away....




    Case Studies


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