Step 1:

Free consult. A free 30 minute consult where we discuss the problem. This is the discovery call. After our first call, if I believe from what you have said that your child needs an evaluation, we can discuss administrating a complete evaluation and assessment.


Step 2:


Taking place in your home, includes an intake by me and standard speech and language tests.


Step 3:


A detailed report is written and reviewd with you. Within this conversation, I will give recomendations as to what your child requires.


Step 4:

Planning Session Framework

Accrording to the recomendations of the requirements your child needs, we will review all parties schedules to find a mutual time which we can schedule our sessions. From the day, to the time and the frequiency of our meetings.


Step 5:

Therapy Sessions

Therapy would commence at mutually agreed upon times in the he setting. I would work with your child, perhaps once or town center a week for a month. I would talk with you after each session, give you activities to do at home. I am available to speak to anyone else who comes into contact with your child. I would attend any meetings connected with your family or school setting.


At the end of a full month, I would re evaluate your child and let you know what progress there is. Next we would explore what steps we can take.


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Free E-Guide: What Causes Stuttering?

A comprehensive guide to everything you need to know.

There is no need to feel overwelmed and in the dark when it comes to seeking the right path to better communication. This comprehensive guide to stuttering will help you learn why it happens, how it happens and what are your options to help pursue the best plan for you or your child.


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A Closer look into the work of Lynn Paul

Knowing your current situation is more than just a few interview questions. It’s taking a systematic approach to understanding everything.


Having no office,  with the intention that the best environment to work with clients, is in their natural settings. Whether at home, a park, the market, or out to dinner, real life settings enable realistic settings for real results.


During the initial free consultation, we will probe the unique areas of communication to gain a 360-degree view of your situation and what you’ll need to be successful. We will also discuss both of our expectations to gain a clear understanding of how we define success, and how we can work with you to exceed your goals.