Physiological Delays Effects On Speech

If you suffer from an Articulation disorder, a voice disorder, an issue with accent modification or stuttering, it is hard for you. I, find these areas interesting to treat, as they involve adjusting or fine tuning the anatomy of the person , or the breathing mechanism of the person, to improve their problem, and with motivation and persistence, the problem can be solved. I have seen cases of backsliding, as with a child who overcame her stutter, only to find it reappear when a new baby came into the family. But now the mother had the tools, which we had talked about the previous year, to help her overcome her agitation and "lose of place" with the mother's affection, and she soon returned to her chatty self.

An adult, who has had a lifetime of good speech, is devastated when a stroke robs him, or her of speech. Depending on the age of the person, and starting the therapy soon and in short amounts, it is possible today to regain a degree of speech. It is annoying to have to practice, like a child, and it is not easy. With family and loved ones to support and encourage, it helps the patient want to try and not give up.

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