Speech Therapists take on Autism

Who had ever heard of Autism 20 years ago? did it even exist? Well it is in our culture now, and seems to be ever growing. Parents worry from the moment they find out they will have a baby, if there is a suspicion of autism in the family. And when the child is born, how will we know if it is autistic? Is it something one can outgrow, like having freckles, or will glasses fix it.? If my uncle was a socially shy man, does that mean my child is Autistic.

Today there are many experts in the Autism field, and there are all types of autism, and ways to treat it. The simplest explanation is the baby seems content to be left alone, does not like to be held or cuddled, cries when people are around, when it is noisy, when there are changes in their routine, You don't understand, your older child was nothing like this.. And this child seemed fine until he was a year or 18 months old, and you noticed he , or she was not making sounds, not sleeping well, not eating well, not going through the developmental milestones that other children seem to go through. What did you do wrong?

You did nothing wrong. You have a child with special needs. And fortunately there are many, many services available to help children as young as a year, and their parents learn to do, what you thought would come naturally, but in this child;s case, it isn't. Speech therapists device communication systems, and teach children to talk through puppets and games and it is a constant daily activity that we, as the parents and service providers do to get the child to get comfortable with his surroundings and loved ones and with life.


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