Don't Interrupt!

"Do I interrupt my children?", I think to myself, usually at the end of the week, when I have time to think. The weeks speed by; it is winter, and colder. I am thinking about changing the clothing in the closets, putting flannel sheets on the beds, thinking about warm recipes for cold days


I work, and pick up my children from daycare and school. Of course I am happy to see them; of course I want to listen to what they have to tell me.

But I find myself distracted with driving "wait until we get home, and then tell me!" I interrupt them they start to chatter away. They are happy to see me as well, and wait.

Then we get home, and I other things distract me; the phone rings, the laundry needs to be taken in before it rains, the snacks prepared. I interrupt the elder child, "wait a few minutes" I tell him. The younger one keeps trying, she pulls at my clothing to show me a picture she drew and tell me about it…

"Please wait!" I interrupt her.

When I am ready to listen, they have moved into the house, to do other activities. Sometimes, they keep trying to get me to listen, but lately, less so.

Why can't I stop interrupting them and let them finish their thoughts? It only is really a few minutes, and are they not more important than the laundry? If I don't listen now, will they stop trying to talk to me?

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