Why Does He Ignore Me?

I enjoy seeing my children at the end of their school day. I want to hear about what they did in school, what did they talk about in their classes?

My daughter is a chatterbox and will go on and on, telling me what happened to hear in a long, run on sentence, barely pausing for letting me ask a question.

My son is quiet. He is the older one. He answers with single words, mostly "yes" or "no". He is a reluctant talking, preferring to play on the computer or read a book, rather than talk. I find, when I have spoken to his teacher, that he understands everything, but does not initiate conversation or answer questions in class, which leads her to think he has a learning problem of some kind.

But what? We know he is more comfortable in English, and that, since he is in a Hebrew speaking class, there will be a learning gap between him and the other children. We know he is smart- he has begged us for English after school lessons, and he goes now to an English chug, which he loves, but he still will not talk to me, to us, about anything.

Could he be angry? We moved here several years ago from the USA, and we all somehow managed to move along in the absorption process. But what if there are still underlying issues?

So now we are in the process of getting him into a chug that addresses emotional needs, with a group of children, in his age range. They meet every week, and work on expressing themselves through, art, music and sport. The staff meets with us as a couple once a week, to discuss issues that come up in the chug, as well as issues at home.

So we shall see how it goes, I will keep you updated!

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