Time has Passed

Time has passed. I began getting into the holidays and then Passover took up much of my time and then my husband had surgery. So I apologize for not writing sooner

However I can say that communication with my son is better! The therapy he goes to, a combination of art, music, sport and talking in a group, has been helping. We consult with the staff, ( not during holidays), on a regular basis, and they have offered tips on how to help our son in the home setting. What I really like are the tips.

-To be a good listener

-To say I understand something is upsetting him, would he like to talk about it, when he is upset, instead of saying "what's wrong now?"

- To expect that not every day, he will want to talk with me, or us, or anyone.

-To praise him for any little thing he may do around the house or with his sister, but not to overdo it ( He dislikes effusive praise).

Overall, I need to be calmer, and pay attention!

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