Progress in speech therapy depends first, on the type of problem and second, the cooperation of the family to practice what is learned in the therapy session in the home setting.

After I get to know the student, I am in regular contact with the parents, and sometimes there is homework to do.

Depending on the age of the child and the speech and/or language problem, I assign homework. It is usually something to practice, such as speech sounds, or a worksheet. I will explain the homework to the parent. They may also call me if they have questions. Homework is something that would take a few minutes during the week. If parents have difficulty assigning time to practice the homework, we can make a calendar or work out a schedule.

I view progress as a triangle: The therapist, the child and the parents. When we are all working together, there is progress. If they child sees the speech therapist once a week, and does not practice at home, progress takes longer. I woud then ask a teacher to monitor the homework, if the parent is unable.

The purpose of speech therapy,if the problem is not severe, is to learn a set of skills, and leave therapy. Hopefully, with everyone's cooperation, progress is made.

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