Spring Conversation

At this time of year, I am asked questions regarding the following: ( for simplification, I am ST- speech therapist and P is parent).

P: Ben's kindergarten teacher feels he needs a speech and language evaluation, an educational evaluation and and a hearing and vision test. She also thinks he may need a neurological examination! What is going on? he seems fine at home.

ST: Well, the teacher has been trying to get in touch with you for a few months, you have not been coming to the parent meetings or answering in the class Whatsapp.

P: We are so busy! We both work full time and have the baby to take care of as well. I am just tired, but again, Ben seems fine at home.

ST: Where you at the Chanuka party? Ben was crying and could not sit still.

P: We sent his grandmother, she did not tell us there were any problems.

ST: She speaks Russian, she could not understand what was being said to her.

P: We sent someone, isn't that important? Why does he need all these tests?

ST: He is having trouble understanding what is asked of him in class. He doesn't use many words, we want to test him to find out what problems he may be having and help him.

P: But why the hearing and vision testing, he hears fine!

ST: When children begin school, those two tests are done in the summer or before school starts, to rule out any hearing and vision problems. The requests came in the papers you got for school.

P: OK, I may have lost that, but he is fine, he really is, he does everything we ask of him.

ST: that is great, let's just start the testing and see what happens, if he needs help we want to be able to give it to him.

P: Will he have to be in a special class? He is not stupid, we want him to be in a class with kids from the neighborhood.

ST: We know nothing yet, please sign the forms so we can find out if he may need any help, We only want to help.

In conclusion-

Sometimes the parent agrees, sometimes they don't. Everyone is welcome to a second opinion.

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