Annoying Paperwork

When your child has been referred for an evaluation, by way of the preschool teacher, classroom teacher or family doctor, forms will come. You as a family will fill out one, the teacher, the doctor, all should be coordinated by the social worker with your health plan. In most circumstances, with your health plan, you and your child will have appointments with the social worker, the psychologist and the therapists, such as occupational physio or speech.

Eventually there will be a meeting with the above personnel and it will be decided and documented what therapy is needed.

From that point on you will wait for an opening for a therapist from your health plan. If, after three months, no one has been assigned, and you have called and asked weekly, with no result, then, according to the Ministry of Health, your health plan must accept an "ouside therapist" to do the therapy needed. You will need to supply the "outside" therapists licenses and perhaps list of continuing education courses. Your health plan must approve the "outside" therapist and participate in the reimbursement of the fees.

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