I find it very refreshing to work with fellow therapists. We really do not work in secret!

Sometimes a child I am working with is also receiving therapy from an OT (occupational therapist), a PT (physiotherapist), or BC ( behavioral consultant). It is always helpful for me to consult with them, (with parent permission). We review the child's goals and share ideas on improving our programs.

Recently I worked with a child who also sees an OT AND BC. Sometimes there was an overlap with my language goals, the OT's fine motor goals and the BC's goals to improve behavior in the home and classroom setting. Maybe the OT needed advice on the child's language level. Perhaps I, when doing a task that required writing, needed advice on how the child should hold his pencil. The BC advised us on the triggers that set off difficult behavior and how to work with these issues when they arise.

We all met with the parents as a group 3 times during the course of the school year.

It is wonderful to be in regular communication with all the support staff and it truly helped with the strengthening and improvement of all the child's goals.

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