It Works!

I have a new student on my caseload. He is in kindergarten. He is not speaking Hebrew His mother speaks English and so does the father, but the father can speak Hebrew fluently, as can his mother, the child's grandmother. I have spoken with his teacher, who says he understands everything, but does not interact with the children in Hebrew.

I told the parents that an Israeli Hebrew speaker would be better for their son. But the mother wanted me, as I can speak to her in English, and speak in Hebrew with her son, even with my American accent. The father said he would do all interactions and homework in Hebrew.

Two months have passed. The child is speaking up more in his class, the father and grandmother say he is speaking more Hebrew with them. The child's siblings, all older, are speaking Hebrew with him. Every week he is using more Hebrew and speaking in short sentences. We still have work to do, and I am glad everyone is seeing progress

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